Design Service

What if you can see your kitchen project come to life without having to do any major kitchen renovations? It is possible because our Kitchen Designers can convert all your kitchen design ideas to 3D simulations with our state-of-the-art 3D Design Software. Come on in for a talk with our Kitchen Designer, and they will help streamline the ideas you have for your kitchen, from the flooring and the cabinets to the layout and the countertops. We can take your dimensions and your estimated designs and transform them using these three steps.

The Floor Plan

The Floor Plan.

We will do a bird’s eye view of what you imagine your kitchen will look like, along with measuring the accurate dimensions and all to save the guesswork in the future.

The 3D Simulation.

We will take the floor plan and bring it to life in a 3D simulation which is a great and interactive way to explore your kitchen ideas and to spot any discrepancies in your vision.

3D Simulation
Countertops Langley

The Finished Project.

We bring the idea to life by building your dream kitchen, all based off of the floor plan and the 3D simulation.

This in-depth process ensures that when it is time to build the kitchen, everything is done according to your needs and specifications, with no surprises. Bring your ideas in today and we will find solutions to turn them into life, whether it means including more drawers, more bar stools, an entirely new table or more – no project is too big or too small for Kitchen Express!

How to start.

To better understand and prepare for your design and estimate, we recommend you prepare below items.


Not sure how? See the Example and download a Grid Paper. Worry about your drawing skills? Bring anything you can make and we can figure it out!


Visiting our showroom is always highly recommended. However, you can also see the options of our Cabinets,  Countertops and Accessories online.


Up to ceiling? More drawers? More storage? Space for bar stools? Etc… Let us know what’s in your mind. We will show what you like in the design!

Interested in our design services now?