DIY Installation

We love turning a kitchen from an idea on a piece of paper to life. If you are someone who loves doing the same and has a knack for doing your own DIY projects in your home, we are there to help. It’s always good to have the backing of a professional company to help you out, just in case.

We understand that while you may be a seasoned professional at doing DIYs, it can sometimes be a bit confusing. So we’ve offered some instructions that you might need when building parts of your own kitchen! Kitchen cabinets are one of the more common DIY kitchen projects because they are simple enough to do on your own, but still, provide enough of a challenge for the everyday worker. There is nothing like the pride of looking at a finished project and knowing you did that yourself!

Until then, we can offer you some tips on how to get started on building kitchen cabinets:

  1. Both upper and lower cabinets have the same basic construction details.
  2. You can construct a kitchen cabinet to fit any space.
  3. You want to first assemble the basic box shape (with glues, screws, and nails) and then continue the process from there.
  4. Differentiate the terms ‘face’, ‘panels’, ‘frames’, and more when following instructions on how to build a kitchen cabinet.

If you run into any trouble or need help with some design tips, don’t hesitate to GIVE US A CALL TODAY!

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