For Local Enthusiasts!

Why Choose Support Local Series?

Made in Greater Vancouver.

We have quality and time under control!

1806 different door options, or more!

creat your trendy design, NOW!

One Piece 3D Laminate Door with 5-year warranty.

Easy to Care For and 100% Recyclable!

Plywood Box with blind-dado joints.

The Strongest Cabinet Box You'll Ever Have!

Soft-close Blum Hardware with life time warranty.

Experience World-Class Smoothness!

Express production in as short as 4 weeks.

no waiting for international shipping!

Buy replaced doors with factory direct price

Use Your Kitchen Worry-Free!

5-star review guarantee!

Not Only Products, But Also Services.

What Is SUPPORT LOCAL Series Custom Cabinets?

A Solution Created with the Belief that "A Kitchen Should Be Easy to Use and Last Long!"

At Kitchen Express, we proudly introduce our SUPPORT LOCAL Series Custom Cabinets – a product designed with the core belief that a kitchen should be effortlessly functional and built to withstand the test of time.

Designed during the pandemic, SUPPORT LOCAL Series Custom Cabinets showcase our commitment to local suppliers. Our aim is to offer customers a high-quality product that is easy to clean, easy to use, and built to last.

  • Life can be busy, especially for families with young children. With 3D Laminate Cabinet Doors, you can focus on cooking and attending to your children’s needs, knowing that cabinet cleaning can wait.
  • When you want to enjoy life and avoid the interruption of cabinet repairs, our world-class accessories and ultra-strong cabinet boxes provide you with peace of mind.
  • When your family grows and it’s time to update your kitchen’s look, we offer replacement doors at factory-direct prices, simplifying the process affordably.

Our SUPPORT LOCAL Series Custom Cabinets embody our design philosophy of creating kitchens that are easy to use and built to last. Contact us to learn more about how our cabinets can give you a practical, worry-free, and stylish kitchen.


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