Professional Cabinet Installation

Like Countertops, the type of cabinets you have can make or break the overall appearance of your kitchen. Cabinets are a very versatile, practical, and functional item to have in the kitchen. They provide the means of increased storage space to place any of your utensils, glassware, silverware, and more. The appearance of cabinets needs to be polished and seamless with the overall vision of the kitchen, from the number of cabinets you have, to the shapes of these cabinets, to the type of wood used for each cabinet, to the finish of each wood, all the way to the handles chosen for it.

With professional installers that have the proper years and requirements to do so – they have all the skills needed to install the cabinets from moldings to adjustments and more! We also have all the latest tools and handy items needed to install and build high-quality kitchen cabinets that will improve the overall appearance and value of your kitchen. Not only do we have all of these services, but our professional installers will also make sure to complete the job within one to two days at your earliest convenience. From Kitchen Express, you can expect quality and durability all done within a reasonable time.

Measure, Design, Install.

A successful cabinet installation requires high cooperation from all parties. At Kitchen Express, we have our designers take the final measurements and design the kitchen. We then assign the task to our certified cabinet installers to ensure the job is done to the design and our standard.

Kitchen Designer perform final measurement

Certified installer ensure job done to requirements

final check up after kitchen installation

Kitchen Express Certified Installer

We carefully evaluate our cabinet installer’s Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities before assigning tasks. Our certified cabinet installers SETT your cabinets in a fast, clean and professional manner. Your satisfaction is our goal!


The installers have all skills you need to install your cabinets. Miter cut? Moldings? Adjustments? You name it!


The installers have at least 5 years’ cabinet installation experience. They are approved, professionals!


The installers show up with a truck-load of all different saws, levelers, lasers, sensors, drills, etc. Your job performance is fully backed up with all solid tools!


The cabinets of a medium-sized kitchen are installed within 1~2 days. We have it scheduled, we have it done!

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