Custom Made Countertop.

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Say goodbye to outdated countertop fabrication methods with Kitchen Express! Our advanced countertop technology allows us to deliver custom-made, exquisite countertops of superior quality. Through cutting-edge digital measurement and CNC fabrication equipment, we maintain cost-efficiency while upholding the highest standards.

Discover Your Ideal Countertop.

Visit our showroom armed with your measurements (click here for an example). Our team of expert kitchen designers will guide you through an impressive range of countertop materials and brands. With their pros and cons clearly explained, we provide professional recommendations tailored to your project. Explore our showroom and let us assist you in creating the perfect countertop for your home!

Showroom Consultation.

Experience More than a Countertop

Beyond just providing countertops, we’re dedicated to helping you find the ultimate solution for your kitchen. Our vast selection of countertop and cabinet samples, coupled with expert guidance, aids in selecting the perfect color, pattern, and material for your countertop. At Kitchen Express, we ensure personalized assistance for an informed decision.

Showroom Countertop Samples
Digital Measurement

Digital Measurement.

Our accuracy begins with the revolutionary “Proliner” Measurement Device. This cutting-edge technology ensures exact measurements for every section of your kitchen. Custom shapes and angles are seamlessly integrated, thanks to its unmatched accuracy.

CNC Fabrication.

Fabrication Excellence

We employ the industry-leading “Intermac Master 30,” an Italian-made CNC Working Centre. This ensures unrivaled precision and efficiency in crafting top-quality countertops. Full Digital Fabrication guarantees precise cutting and consistent polishing, all achieved with remarkable speed and exceptional craftsmanship.

CNC Countertop Fabrication
Professional Countertop Installation

Expert Installation.

Professionalism at Every Step

Our experienced professionals handle every facet of your countertop installation. Using proper tools, we load your countertop and create “Invisible” Seams for a seamless finish. Our installation team ensures your job is completed to the highest standards, and after installation, a double-check guarantees perfection. An “After Installation Checklist” adds an extra layer of satisfaction.

Achieving Seamless Perfection

Crafting “Invisible” Seams

We understand the importance of a seamless finish in your kitchen. For countertops that require seams, our state-of-the-art technology allows us to create “invisible” seams that are nearly imperceptible. Expert fabricators use advanced techniques to deliver a flawlessly smooth appearance, no matter the design or shape.

Make a Countertop Seam

Your Perfect Countertop Awaits

Discover Excellence in Countertop Fabrication

At Kitchen Express, we offer an array of custom-made countertops to match any kitchen style. With materials like Dekton, Quartz, and Granite, our experts will guide you to the best choice for your needs. Using advanced technology, we ensure a perfect fit, and our professional installation guarantees both aesthetic appeal and functionality.

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