Marble Countertop

What is Marble Countertop?

When it comes to choosing your countertop, there are a wide variety of materials available to choose from. One of the longest-used stones is a marble. Marble has been used since the time of the ancient Greeks for their architecture, and sculptures. In today’s age, marble finds itself used in flooring, vanities, and countertops. Marble countertops are a very beautiful fixture in any home, bringing a classic look to your kitchen. Marble countertops are some of the most beautiful countertops, featuring a polished, smooth face and a wide variety of colors. The grey coloring and veins of color within the stone are some of the reasons that people are attracted to marble.

Marble countertops do need to be regularly maintained as marble is not as hard as other options. However, marble countertops are not weak enough that you must walk on eggshells and be worried about the state of your countertop all the time. Marble lends itself well to minor etches and stains as they blend themselves into the veins of marble over time. With proper sealing, your marble countertop will age just as well as the home it is installed in.

Here at Kitchen Express, we work with all different Marble Suppliers to satisfy your needs for quality, style, and budget. Our Project Coordinator will help you shop around for the Marble with Best Price, Best Quality, and Best Slab Size. Our optimal, in-house fabrication shop, is sure to create the perfect countertop for you. 

What Does Marble Countertop Look Like?

There are many more Marble options. Our Designers will work with you to find the unique piece of stone that has been waiting for the right person for million years.

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