Choosing Between DIY Cabinet Installation and Hiring a Professional: Factors to Consider


In the first and second quarters of 2023, an increasing number of homeowners and contractors have embraced the idea of DIY kitchen cabinet installation. This growing trend can be attributed to various reasons, including a love for do-it-yourself projects, jobsite locations outside of our service area, the need for custom solutions, and the desire to maximize savings. At Kitchen Express, we understand the appeal of DIY cabinet installation and are committed to providing high-quality, affordable options. In this blog, we will explore the key factors to consider when deciding between hiring a professional cabinet installer or embarking on a DIY installation journey.

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Inside Factors: Assessing Your DIY Potential

  1. Capability for DIY Installation:
    • One of the first considerations is your level of experience in kitchen cabinet installation. If you are new to cabinet installation, it may be prudent to start with simpler projects such as vanity cabinets before tackling a full kitchen installation.
    • Additionally, evaluate whether you have the time, energy, and necessary tools for the job. Proper tools, such as a table saw, power tools, hand tools, and a laser, are essential for a successful installation. Professional cabinet installers typically invest $3000 to $5000 in their tools.
  2. Worthiness of DIY Installation:
    • Consider the opportunity cost of DIY installation. Reflect on whether the time spent on the project could be better utilized for other work that may generate more income.
    • Keep in mind that DIY installation often takes longer than hiring a professional, potentially resulting in higher overall costs.
    • It is crucial to consider the impact on your daily routine, particularly regarding cooking and dining arrangements. If you do not have a second kitchen, eating out during the renovation may strain your budget, especially for families with children.
  3. Additional Factors to Consider:
    • Take into account factors such as your patience, attention to detail, problem-solving abilities, and willingness to handle unforeseen challenges that may arise during the DIY installation process. These personal qualities can significantly impact the success and overall experience of the project.

Outside Factors: Evaluating the Installation Environment

  1. Kitchen Design Complexity:
    • Evaluate the complexity of your kitchen design. Consider the size of the job and the level of detail work required, such as installing crown moldings, which demand a higher level of skill. Determine whether your skill set aligns with the intricacy of the design.
  2. Cabinet Transport and Assembly:
    • Assess the ease of transporting and assembling the cabinets.
    • RTA (Ready-to-Assemble) in-stock kitchen cabinets are typically designed for convenient transport and assembly. These cabinets come packed in flat-packed boxes with all the necessary components.
    • Many suppliers provide instructional videos and detailed assembly instructions to assist you in the process.
  3. Support from the Cabinet Company:
    • Ensure that the cabinet company you choose provides adequate support throughout the installation process.
    • Look for a company that offers kitchen design assistance to simplify the project and address any installation challenges.
    • Knowledgeable salespeople, showroom kitchen displays, and positive customer references are indicative of a company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.
  4. Other Factors to Consider:
    • Consider additional factors such as the availability of installation guidance, the cabinet company’s experience in handling installation issues, and their dedication to providing solutions for customers. These factors can significantly impact the success and smoothness of your DIY installation.

Choosing the Right Approach with Kitchen Express

If you decide to embark on a DIY installation, it is essential to choose a responsible cabinet company that can guide you throughout the process. Working with experienced kitchen designers who understand both design and installation can be invaluable.

At Kitchen Express, we offer a free initial kitchen design service to help you visualize your project. We carefully select responsible RTA in-stock cabinet suppliers to provide you with peace of mind. Our showroom kitchen displays and cabinet samples allow you to witness firsthand how the cabinets are installed. Our knowledgeable designers possess the experience and expertise to handle any installation issues that may arise, backed by our team of professional installers.


Deciding between hiring a professional cabinet installer or undertaking a DIY installation project involves careful consideration of several factors. Assess your capabilities, available time, and resources before making a choice. Take into account the complexity of your kitchen design, the ease of cabinet transport and assembly, and the level of support provided by the cabinet company. At Kitchen Express, we understand the allure of DIY installation and are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. Visit to explore our range of high-quality RTA in-stock cabinets in Langley and Surrey. Make an informed decision, achieve your dream kitchen, and enjoy the satisfaction of a project well done.

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