Unveiling Vicostone’s 6 Mesmerizing Colors for 2024 – Elevate Your Kitchen with Stunning Quartz Countertops!

At Kitchen Express, we’re excited to introduce Vicostone’s latest gems for 2024 – six captivating colors that promise to redefine your kitchen experience with exquisite Quartz Countertops. Let’s dive into the allure of each stunning hue!

Vicostone Quartz Countertops - 2024 New Colours

Mangata, BQ6805

Mangata seamlessly blends delicate white veins with rich brown and gold tones, creating an enchanting avorio marble-inspired design. Refined beauty and authentic natural appeal make Mangata a top choice for elevating kitchen spaces.

Vicostone Mangata

Marmoris, BQ6801

Unveiling Marmoris, the new color for 2024, showcases subtle golden-gray veins, infusing an overall warmth and a trendy, unique character into the product. Discover the elegance of Marmoris Quartz Countertops.

Vicostone Marmoris

Polaris, BQ2612

Polaris transports you to a serene glacial lake in the heart of winter, where interwoven veins resemble delicate cracks on the lake’s icy surface. Embrace the beauty of Polaris Quartz Countertops in your kitchen.

Vicostone Polaris

Costa Nova, BQ6702

Inspired by Brazil’s Taj Mahal quartzite, Costa Nova captures the serene ambiance of a sandy beach. Its soft white foundation and delicate, warm veins provide an excellent way to elevate interior spaces with an appealing aesthetic touch.

Vicostone Costa Nova

Grey Monet, BQ6800

Grey Monet draws inspiration from natural marble formations and rugged cliffs, blending white tones with bold grey veins. Available in a honed finish, it offers a smooth touch to enhance the design of your kitchen countertops.

Vicostone Grey Monet

Misterio Gold, BQ8820

Misterio Gold entangles brown and golden vein layers over a luxurious white marble-look background. One of Vicostone’s most popular designs, Misterio Gold adds elegance and a natural aesthetic to your kitchen.

Explore the allure of these vibrant colors in our showroom. Stay tuned for in-depth insights on our blog, focusing on Kitchen Countertops that redefine elegance.

Visit our Cloverdale showroom in Surrey, BC to witness the beauty in person. Let’s embark on a journey to transform your kitchen into a masterpiece with the finest Quartz Countertops in Langley and Surrey! Stay inspired, stay stylish.

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