How to Clean and Maintain Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

Cleaning your kitchen cabinets is very important, and if you do this regularly, your cabinets will last for a very long time and will maintain their appearance and original condition. Kitchens are where we prepare food and gather, so cabinets will get dirty, and it’s a must that you care for them properly.

All cabinets require maintenance, and wood kitchen cabinets, in particular, require special care, so if you want them to last, make sure you do the following:

Mix Vinegar And Warm Water Together And Put It Into A Spray Bottle

Mist the mixture on your cabinets and let it sit for a couple of minutes, and wipe clean using a soft cloth. Vinegar is a great natural cleaner that is very effective when dealing with greasy cabinets, so it will definitely help with general cleaning. When it comes to deep cleaning, it is recommended that you make a paste of vinegar and salt and use a toothbrush to dip into it and scrub the stained area. Do this gently because aggressive scrubbing will scratch the wood. When you are done, rinse the paste off with clean water and dry the area with a clean towel.

Stubborn Food Stains Are Different From Grease

These types of stains will require the use of household baking soda or a magic eraser. These tools will help remove stubborn pen marks, paint splotches and hardened food splatters from your wood cabinets but be gentle with their application so that you remove just the stain and not the finish of the wood. Magic Erasers are abrasive, so test it out on a small area that is hidden before proceeding to larger areas. If you prefer to use baking soda, mix two parts baking soda with one part water and apply the paste to the stain, after which you must rub it gently until the stain is gone.

Be Very Careful With Your Cleaning Mixtures Because Excessive Moisture Can Damage Your Cabinets

When you spray the cleaning mixture onto a cloth, make sure the cloth is damp and not drenched, as that will make matters worse. Too much moisture will damage the paint or the finish of your cabinets, so don’t soak your cabinets regardless of how dirty they are.

Clean Your Cabinets Regularly

This is not a chore you can skip because the more you let dirt sit on your cabinets, the harder they will be to clean. Forgetting to clean your cabinets will also increase the risk of damage as dust, dirt and grease will affect its lifespan. This will result in the need for a replacement, which is very costly, so if you don’t want to pay for new cabinets, clean the ones you have to maintain their condition.

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