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Lighting Tips to Enhance the Look of Your Kitchen

A kitchen is more than just a place to cook, and for many families, this is the area of the home where they gather. Realistically, a kitchen is where we spend most of our time, so it is important to have the proper lighting as this will help you prepare food comfortably while allowing you to enjoy the space with your family and friends.

Proper lighting can enhance the appearance of your kitchen, and the following tips can help:

Add Layers

No single fixture will be able to provide you with all of the light necessary for the tasks completed in a kitchen, so go for layers instead. You can use a main overhead light and layer smaller lights around your kitchen in specific areas. Smaller lights can be placed over the stove, above the kitchen sink and near your prep station to help with your various tasks.

Consider Your Tasks

As mentioned, there are a number of tasks that are completed in a kitchen, and you need to think about these when choosing your lighting. Properly placed lights that are installed strategically will make a world of difference and will provide you with the right illumination to chop vegetables and read recipes. The ideal spot for task lighting is between the work surface and your head, which is why lighting placed under cabinets and strip lights are best.

Incorporate Light Dimmers

This is a must because it will give you control over your lighting, and you will get to adjust it accordingly. Bright illumination is important because it will make completing tasks easier, but dimmed lights are equally as important when creating ambiance and setting the tone after a meal. Adding light dimmer switches will allow you to customize the lighting for every type of situation.

Add Wall Sconces

This type of lighting is not only effective, but visually appealing as well. It is a unique way of showcasing special items in your kitchen like a set of plates or artwork, for example. This type of lighting will provide you with illumination and will also help with the décor.

Hang Pendant Lighting

These are stylish fixtures that will provide you with all of the lighting you need. Pendant fixtures are great to hang over the center of the kitchen and are a great alternative to having one main kitchen light. It’s best to hang pendants in threes, so consider identical hanging pendant fixtures and take your time with your selection because pendants come in a variety of styles. Whether you like classic fixtures or modern ones, you will be able to find lighting that is to your liking, and bulbs of various wattage can be used, which is an added bonus.

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