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Top 6 Kitchen Storage Solutions

In order for a kitchen to be functional, it must be organized. This is easier said than done because of the number of tools, pots, cutlery and kitchen items we all have. Getting organized can be a challenge, especially in small kitchens, but there are storage solutions that can help.

If you’re looking for innovative organization techniques and want more space in your kitchen, the following ideas can help:

A Custom Pantry

If you have the space, this is the ideal solution as it will allow you to store all of your kitchen items in one convenient place. A walk-in pantry is a dream, and one that is perfectly organized will make your life a lot easier. You can incorporate pullout baskets, shelves and pocket doors, and this type of room will allow you to see everything you have, so you won’t end up buying unnecessary items that will probably go to waste.

Corner Drawers

This is a creative solution for an awkward space, and these drawers will provide you with plenty of additional space to store your kitchen tools and other items. The drawers run diagonally into the corner, so they will be deeper than your other kitchen drawers, meaning you can place larger items inside.

Utensil Drawers

This is a very unique idea that will keep all of your utensils organized. It is a clever idea that is very convenient because you will never have to search for serving wear or silverware, and they won’t be on your countertop, so you will have more space. You can choose to have this custom made, or you can place stainless steel pots in a deep drawer to create the same concept.

Under The Sink Drawer

Most cabinets under the sink are very deep and often go unused but a drawer will change this by turning this cabinet into a useful space. You can store your cleaning supplies here and can organize them in a way where they are visible. This will make them easily accessible, and you will have an easier time reaching for these items.

Pullout Trash Cans

If you want to hide unattractive bins and free up valuable floor space, this is the perfect solution. This simple idea will hide your trash bins and will open up your space so that your kitchen feels less crowded.

Appliance Garage

Kitchen gadgets and appliances take up a lot of space. If you want more counter space, you need to eliminate clutter, and an appliance garage can help in this regard. They are very popular because they allow you to hide blenders, toasters and mixers while keeping them handy, so it is very practical and convenient.

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